DPS & RSD Websites

There are two relevant websites to the career of private security:

The Texas Department of Public Safety website

  • dps.texas.gov/
  • The official Public Information Internet website developed and maintained by DPS for the purpose of providing information to the public.

The Regulatory Services Division website

  • dps.texas.gov/section/private-security
  • The website developed and maintained by RSD to communicate public information. This includes related public or legal notices that a person is required to publish under a statute or rule. It also contains any other information that a person submits for publication to and from private security professionals.

The RSD Private Security website will be utilized and referred to throughout this course. It will also be very useful throughout your career as long as you are engaging in business activity requiring a license under the Private Security Act. The website is used for correspondence between the applicant, the licensee, company owners and representatives, the general public, and RSD.

Some topics on the DPS site that will be referenced in this course include:

Laws and Regulations

A key part of the Laws and Regulations section of the website discusses Agency Opinions Related to Private Security. This section helps interpret the statutes surrounding private security.


The Private Security Program has an online application process and licensing database called Texas Online Private Security (TOPS). TOPS is a user-friendly program that provides faster application processing, application status updates via email, and real time licensing information.

TOPS website: https://tops.portal.texas.gov


This section contains the necessary forms to complete your application.